Our students at the September Tutorial in Empiricism provided us with some wonderful feedback, which also included some testimonials about their experiences:

“In particular, it was a fantastic exercise in thinking about the methods and tools of science. Most workshops purporting to be “hands-on” don’t always manage to balance time with giving participants their own go at the techniques, but the MMIEL organizers pulled this off and it gave me a chance to rethink my own approaches to experimental design and analysis.”

“The Summer School at the MPI in Nijmegen was a great opportunity for me to come into contact with passionate researchers as well as interesting people. I feel I have learned a lot in only two days both academically and in terms of life experience. Now I have a broader view on what it is like to do research and to do it properly and I am more aware of the importance of statistical predictions when(/before) running an experiment to optimize time and results.”

“The organisers of the Summer School put together a fantastically ambitious programme that covered the process of running an experiment from the initial planning phase through to collecting and analysing the data. PhD students often have the experience of feeling around in the dark when it comes to designing and running their first experiment(s). Seeing the process end-to-end, (and getting an insight into the trip-up points as they happened!), was invaluable. I got a lot out of attending and really appreciate the massive amount of work and effort that went into putting the Summer School together.”

 “It was great to be guided through designing, programming, running, and analysing a web-experiment from scratch. I really enjoyed the pool of different expertise and skills throughout these two intense and enriching days.”

“Even though I’m still an undergrad student this summer school was really helpful for me in many ways. I got to know how to manage in programs I’ve never used before because the teachers were that great in explaining the basics. I’ve found inspiration everywhere talking with amazing people who do great research. This summer school was a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone.”

“This summer school was an amazing example of collaboration in science.”

“Framing the summer school around a real, full-fledged experiment was a fantastic idea. Everything becomes less abstract and much more goal-oriented, even if all the work had already been done beforehand. Justin’s intro to html+javascript is to be praised, particularly his bug-infesting approach, which really forces you to confront the script with a real-world, problem-solving, detective-esque attitude.”