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I find the personal aspect of research almost as exciting as the actual science, and think that there are too few places out there where folks are honest and open about the work they are doing, the process of doing science, looking for jobs, and seeking publication, so I include here a variety of blog posts. I have tagged everything that is “personal” as such, but it’s only personal in the sense that it may be more about my thoughts and process and progress, rather than work projects. No juicy gossip to be found here.

Iconicity Symposium

We’ve proposed a panel for the 11th International Symposium on Iconicity in Language and Literature…

Iconicity is Everything!

On October 21, Marcus Perlman gave a talk in our Friday Levinson group meeting titled Iconicity across the lexicons of spoken languages. Abundant evidence now shows that many words of spoken languages are iconic to varying degrees. That is – the forms of many words,...


And like that, it was back to Canada!

Ideas Overfloweth

Ideas Overfloweth

The walls of my office are literally overflowing with ideas…